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Our Catalog Card notepads will help you thoughtfully document your music library with ease, for your future self or the next generation of record collectors in your family. 

Much like investing in a higher quality inner and outer sleeve for your important records, Catalog Cards are an essential tool for maintaining and cataloging your collection. If you love an album, fill out a Catalog Card for it! The albums you collect tell your story.

Designed with a certified recorded sound archivist, each double-sided card has 20+ fields for essential album information including release details, media grading, sound quality, purchase location, memories and other useful information. Each notepad has 50 cards and comes with a professional-grade archival ink pen that won’t bleed or fade. 

Store one annotated Catalog Card with each of your favorite records to keep your memories and collection accessible and well-preserved. Catalog Cards are designed to be used alone, or in tandem with digital databases like Discogs, etc. While a digital database is useful, it isn’t always accessible to the people you may share your collection with, and doesn’t allow for easy documentation of personal memory. Our archival-quality Catalog Cards are personal, immediate and engaging for a deeper enjoyment of your full music experience.  A record collection without personal context is just stuff- your personal history with it is what makes it valuable.

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